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The Voice Bystander Effect: How Information Redundancy Inhibits Employee Voice

Hussain, I., Shu, R., Tangirala, S., & Ekkirala, S. (2018). Academy of Management Journal.


Conference Best Paper Proceedings

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Organizational Emphasis on Work Meaning Inhibit Employee Expression of Material Resource Concerns

Hussain, I., Pitesa, M., & Thau, S. (2016). Academy of Management Proceedings.

Manuscripts in Preparation or Under Review

Parke, M., Tangirala, S., & Hussain, I. Citizenship in (and out of) flux: How and when supervisors and peers drive change in organizational citizenship behavior. [Target: Organization Science]

Hussain, I., Pitesa, M., & Thau, S. Money vs. meaning: How organizational emphasis on work meaning inhibits employee compensation demands. [Target: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes]

Selected Works in Progress

Hussain, I., Tangirala, S., & Sherf, S. The value of mixed signals: Men bring importance and women legitimacy to voice in coalitions selling gender equity issues at work.

Hussain, I., Pitesa, M., & Tangirala, S. Seeking out or evading talent? How manager status influence voice solicitation of upwardly mobile employees.

Hussain, I., Liao, H., & Campbell, E. When beauty behaves beastly: Attractive women suffer greater social penalties for assertive behavior.

Hussain, I., Ramanujam, R., & Tangirala, S. A field experiment on encouraging employee voice.

Hussain, I., Foulk, T. The effects of a maximizing mindset on work-related emotions, cognitions, and behaviors.

Hussain, I. How a maximizing orientation influences individual, group, and organizational outcomes.