Teaching Philosophy

I am passionate about translating findings from academic research in organizational behavior and social psychology to audiences outside of the "ivory tower" - in particular, to students and business practitioners. My teaching philosophy centers on emphasizing the importance of taking a scientific approach to understanding workplace behavior, connecting academic learning to the real world of business and organizations, and developing a personalized student-teacher relationship to the extent possible. I believe that it is a privilege to lead a classroom, and seek to meaningfully impact students through my role as an instructor while also being enriched by the insights and viewpoints that students bring.

Teaching Experience

My most significant and relevant teaching experience to date has been twice teaching the introductory organizational behavior (OB) course, Managing People and Organizations, as part of my doctoral training at the University of Maryland. The course covered a range of topics in OB including, among others, personality and individual differences, decision-making, diversity, motivation, negotiations, power and influence, leadership, teams, and organizational structure, culture, and change. Additionally, I have over four semesters served as a teaching assistant for an MBA class on Leadership Development.

In 2017, I won a Distinguished Teaching Award in recognition for being a top 10% teacher within the undergraduate core at Maryland’s Smith School of Business.


Core undergraduate Management course:

  • BMGT 364, Managing People & Organizations, Spring 2018
  • BMGT 364, Managing People & Organizations, Summer 2017 (*Distinguished Teaching Award)

Teaching Assistant

MBA course:

  • BUMO 758L, Leadership Development, taught by Prof. Hui Liao, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Fall 2017

Teaching Interests

Classes at the undergraduate, Master's, and Ph.D. levels in Organizational Behavior, People Analytics, Human Resources, Motivation, Decision-Making, Power and Influence, Leadership, Teams, and Negotiations, among others.